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Landscape Lighting in Edison, NJ | Landscape Design Strategie




Let’s make some magic happen after the sun goes down. We take a modern and customized approach to landscape lighting with the careful lighting choices for distinct activity zones throughout your landscape, artistic touches that will delight you, and of course the safety and security you need.

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Walkway with landscape lighting in Edison, NJ
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A fresh landscape lighting concept can transform your outdoor living space into a nighttime masterpiece. We use light like a brush, highlighting important features and adding romance and drama for a nightscape that’s uniquely yours.

Paver patio with outdoor lighting in Edison, NJ
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Our zoned lighting approach ensures the right amount of task lighting at your grill station and mood lighting in your hangout spots, without overwhelming the nightscape with harsh floodlights or scary shadows.

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Safety always comes first in landscape lighting. From welcoming lighting at your garage and entry, to low-lying walkway lights and unobtrusive lighting in plant beds and trees, your landscape will be attractive, safe, and secure.

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