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Residential Lawn Fertilization in Edison, NJ




A healthy landscape depends on healthy soil. Over time, soil can become depleted of essential nutrients, and requires a regular feeding schedule to achieve optimal health.

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Residential lawn care in Edison, NJ
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A thick, healthy lawn with a robust root system will naturally deter weeds and withstand drought, heat, a deep freeze, disease, and pests. We apply season-specific fertilizer to support a gorgeous, lush carpet of green.

Trees and shrubs fertilization in Edison, NJ
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Annual Care

Fertilizing flower beds helps bring out the plants’ full promise, so you can enjoy their glorious colors and fragrance all season. We apply fertilizer in spring to encourage lush flowers, and in fall to help plants store nutrients for winter.

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Trees & Shrubs

Whether trees and shrubs are newly planted and need help getting established or the soil has become depleted in a mature landscape, we test the soil and apply the right fertilizer to support healthy growth and strong roots.

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